Truncated Results

Just got up and running and was testing queries through postman and I noticed that even the basic

curl --include --request GET \
--header "Accept: application/json" \
--header "Authorization: bearer BEARER_TOKEN" '[VERSION]/catalog/categories'

Is returning with:
“totalItems”: 61

but there are only 10 entries in the results portion. Am I missing something obvious here?

Without being able to log in to my own postman, I believe the totalitems will count the complete total of all lines, not necessarily only the lines that you are seeing before you. I would test it against some of the later requests to see if it continues to happen.

  • Zack
    Team TCGplayer

Yeah I ran one for all products with a result of 186935 items with still only ten results. Which makes me think I was missing something. But running the same curl in terminal or in android yields the same results.

I have continued to try different methods but all with the same results. Any manner of GET will provide me with a response that has some number of items that is greater than the 10 that I am provided in the results. Is there a reason for this? I have again run it through postman, Android, and cURL.

As a point of note. I found that I have to define a limit in the url parameters of the GET request. Without a defined limit there will always be 10 results regardless of the total items.