Time to approve an app

(Blabos de Blebe) #1

Hi guys,

How long the people at developer.tcgplayer.com usually take to answer an app request (http://developer.tcgplayer.com/developer-application-form.html)?

I would like do know if it was approved, rejected or something else.

My request was some weeks ago.


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(Tony) #2

Apps are normally reviewed within a week of the request. Obviously we’ve had the holidays and various activities over the past few week; so that may be delayed. Has your app already been approved? If not; just tell me which app you were registering and I’ll take a look.

(Blabos de Blebe) #3

Hi Tony,

Thank you for your answer.

The application name is “Deck Store Cards”.

I don’t know if it is the kind of application that you approve but I really
like to try your API.


(Blabos de Blebe) #4

Hi guys,

I make the app request on Nov 09, 2017.

Please, can someone tell me if or when it will approved or rejected or something else?


(Blabos de Blebe) #5

Anyone has any news?

(Bo Flynn) #6

Keys have been issued and you should, if you haven’t already, receive an email shortly with instructions. Let me know if you have any issues making API calls with your credentials.

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(Blabos de Blebe) #7

So, I haven’t received yet any email nor instructions.


(Blabos de Blebe) #8

So, Keys? Email?