TCGplayer official Postman collection

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I’ve finished up a Postman collection which contains sample requests for all of the requests currently available in the API! This should give new developers a kick start into developing their application by offering examples of how different requests look. Postman is a great tool to have in your arsenal!

The Postman collection link has been added to our API docs “Welcome” page and can also be located here:

(Gus Landt) #2

Not sure what I’m doing wrong. I’ve never used postman, so I’m sure there is plenty I am doing wrong…
I installed postman, logged in, created a new environment by importing the 2 files you posted.
I edited the environment’s publicId and privateId fields.
After that, I’m not entirely sure what I should be doing. Everything I try to do receives a some sort of bad response.

Do I need to run something to get a valid bearer token first? Do I do that through postman, or through another method and then put that bearer token into postman? I tried that second thing but all requests just return access denied, even though I am using a new bearer token.

(Joshua Burdick) #3

If you don’t have a store key from the store authorization workflow, make sure that the headers for the “Authenticate” request have “X-Tcg-Access-Token” unchecked. Then when you send the Authenticate request it’ll automatically update your bearer token in the environment and you will be able to make other requests.

(Gus Landt) #4

That worked! Thank you! Very neat tool. :smiley:

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(Gus Landt) #8

How come Postman doesn’t return the new Impervious Greatwurm Buy-a-Box promo with the rest of the buy-a-box cards?{{version}}/pricing/group/2156
in the postman, it only returns 47 cards. However, that group should have 48 cards.
ProductID 175210 doesn’t get returned with group 2156, even though a direct product call to 175210 says it is in group 2156.

I get Imervious Greatwurm when I call the endpoint in my code, but not in the Postman. :confused:

(Joshua Burdick) #9

It looks like it is listed correctly on the site now so it should catch up in the API fairly quickly.