Store Authentication Workflow -- "You do not have permission to access this resource"


I am working through the steps in the Store Authentication Workflow, but when I log in to my store and use Chrome to navigate to my appid, I receive a warning “You do not have permission to access this resource.” and I am blocked from moving forward.

Does my store need to be a “Pro” store? It currently is not.

(Tony) #2

Yes; Apps can only be used by Pro stores. I will look into options for developers to be able to get tokens to test with even if they don’t have their own Pro store.


Bummer, thanks for the update. I would be happy to switch to a Pro store if that is possible.

(db Jones) #4

Any update on getting developers tokens for testing? We have customers requesting that we integrate with TCGplayer, but we can’t develop what we can’t test.