Store Authentication Workflow -- "You do not have permission to access this resource"

I am working through the steps in the Store Authentication Workflow, but when I log in to my store and use Chrome to navigate to my appid, I receive a warning “You do not have permission to access this resource.” and I am blocked from moving forward.

Does my store need to be a “Pro” store? It currently is not.

Yes; Apps can only be used by Pro stores. I will look into options for developers to be able to get tokens to test with even if they don’t have their own Pro store.

Bummer, thanks for the update. I would be happy to switch to a Pro store if that is possible.

Any update on getting developers tokens for testing? We have customers requesting that we integrate with TCGplayer, but we can’t develop what we can’t test.


Bump…any way for devs without pro stores to test their apps?

Anything to do with store specific functionality requires a Pro store account.

Is it possible for devs to get pro store accounts if they don’t actually sell cards on the platform like a “regular” pro store would? Or are we supposed to find someone with a pro account and piggy back off theirs? This seems like a poor way to do things.