Sending buyers to tcg

(jason s zudell) #1

this is a general question but what is required to gain commission off users who buy off tcgplayer from my app? do i only have to provide a link that sends them to your website in their phone browser? or do i have to write code for it?

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(Martin Kaninsky) #2

I would love to know this as well as how do you generate link with my id. thank you for your answer

(Jakob Berglund) #3

@boflynn just noticed you were online and hoped you could shed some light on this mystery :wink:

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(Jakob Berglund) #4

Answer here:

(jason s zudell) #5

we need to get a partner code? when did they tell you this? im waiting to hear back from the dev team. the sales email said they forwarded it to the dev team but i havent heard a response yet. i assume we need to set up some sort of account with them so the monetary value can be accedited to us?

(Andrew) #6

Is the only way to get a link that contains the partner code is to use the legacy request? I do have a partnet code and I would prefer to use only the newer API as I already have a lot of my code set up to receive JSON code. The legacy code is sent in xml…

I can work with both, but I would prefer JSON only.

(Joshua Burdick) #7

If you hit “List All Products” it returns the product URL. The partner code can be appended to this link.

(Andrew) #8

That totally worked. Thank you for your help.

“[link to card]?pk=[partner key]”

(Joshua Burdick) #9

Use “?partner=[partnerkey]”, although “?pk=” also works.