Sandbox for development?

(db Jones) #1

Is there a sandbox area for developing apps against the api? A way to have a non-public seller account for testing?

If not, how do people go about developing and testing their app?

I need “test” orders that my app can download order details and post back tracking numbers.
I don’t really want to that on live orders, nor do I want real buyers purchasing my fake test products.



(Joshua Burdick) #2

You can setup a store account to be in non-live status and pull store details there. You can also download orders from an active store if they authorize your account.

(abalubayandev) #3


I have created and setup new store account, trying to connect the store account to my app and got this error.
“You do not have permission to access this resource.”

(Joshua Burdick) #4

To access store related functionality through the API requires that you have a TCGplayer Pro account. It doesn’t work through basic accounts as these endpoints require that you authenticate against a Pro account.

(abalubayandev) #5

Hi, we do have pro accounts, however, we would like to play with the API using a test account we would like to access eg. update inventory, prices etc we do not want to mess the live store.

Is there anyway to make this basic accounts to pro account? and if yes are we able to import datas from our live store?

Many thanks!

(Joshua Burdick) #6

Unfortunately we don’t currently have Pro sandbox accounts or a way to spin them up.