Response Data Getting Truncated (?)

(Keifer) #1

Hey guys, I haven’t been on here for a while, so please let me know if this is discussed elsewhere.

I have been noticing that when fetching cards that have many prints from different sets, it looks like the response I get is truncated. e.g. when looking up Birds of Paradise, I will see the Alpha version and others, but won’t see the Ravnica version. I’ve also noticed that cards will randomly stop working like Thing in the Ice.

I’ve been keeping a list of these cards:

ornithopter, inventions, nm, 72, 1
black vise, inventions, nm, 25, 1
birds of paradise, 2012, nm, 3, 4
mana leak, iconic, nm f, .7, 4
sol ring, inventions, nm, 330, 1
thing in the ice, shadows, nm, 4.75, 4
nicol bolas the ravager, 2019, nm, 1, 1
meekstone, inventions, nm, 47, 1

I am using api 1.14.0 (python) and my source code is here. Has anyone had this problem before?

(Gus Landt) #2

The default limit is 10 for that endpoint. Just add &Limit=50 to your URL and you’ll get back all 21 Birbs of Paradise. :wink:

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