Reduced / Filtered Response Template

In the Rest API, is there a way to receive a minimized or pre-filtered set of key/value pairs?

Example: I make a request to:

Normally I receive a response with sub-items that look like:

“productId”: 86,
“name”: “Abyssal Nightstalker”,
“cleanName”: “Abyssal Nightstalker”,
“imageUrl”: “longlinklotsofdata”,
“categoryId”: 1,
“groupId”: 87,
“url”: “longlinklotsofdata”,
“modifiedOn”: “2013-05-09T12:13:41.653”

Yet if I only need the “productID” and the “cleanName”, because I’m about to match that information with the pricing portion (that only returns productID), then a lot of the bandwidth is wasted (particularly when there are 48109 potential results currently).

Is there a way to make such a request yet only get the “productID” and “cleanName”?