Query Price based on xid and q params

(Jonathan) #1

I’m looking to watch prices based on specific listings. I imagine it would be based on the query params xid and q listed below.

Obviously, it would be impossible to get authorizations from every store I may need. Is there an endpoint for this?


(Jonathan) #2

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(Joshua Burdick) #3

The store endpoints only pull for a specific store. There are also pricing endpoints which include the low pricing, such as: https://docs.tcgplayer.com/v1.14.0/reference#pricing_getproductconditionprices-1

With that you can check a specific product’s price, including the condition for the product. You can get the conditionIds from https://docs.tcgplayer.com/v1.14.0/reference#catalog_searchcategory

(Jonathan) #4

The problem is that the card I want to watch isn’t always guaranteed to be the lowest listing. If I wanted to watch that specific card’s price, from that specific seller, is there an endpoint I can use?

I tried using http://api.tcgplayer.com/stores/storeKey/inventory/products/productId/skus, but it requires store authorization. I’m looking to pull pricing data from specific stores on an as-needed basis. Is that supported?

(Joshua Burdick) #5

It isn’t a supported usage to pull data about a specific listing with photo, you would have to be able to login to the store.