/pricing/sku/{id} sometimes doesn't return the lowest price

I called http://api.tcgplayer.com/v1.27.0/pricing/sku/1232233 to retrieve the Near Mint prices for this card: https://shop.tcgplayer.com/pokemon/plasma-blast/iris-101-full-art

The website shows the lowest price as $11.39 but the API returns the lowest price as $14.99. Here’s the response:
{ skuId: 1232233,
lowPrice: 14.99,
lowestShipping: 0,
owestListingPrice: 14.99,
marketPrice: 16.82,
directLowPrice: null }

Can someone please help me?

Low price won’t always include damaged or heavily played, which might be the cause of this. Please let me know if that doesn’t account for the issue!

Hi! Thanks for the response. The above was tested using Near Mint only. Any suggestions?

Looks like the $11 card is a custom listing with a photo, and it’s not feeding into what the api is returning. The api is returning only the lowest price of regular (generic) listings.

I’ll write this up and report it as an issue.


– Clint

Thanks! What’s the difference between a regular listing and a custom listing?

Custom listings (also referred to as a “listings with photos”) are a way for sellers to attach additional information (custom title, description, and attach photos) to their listings so that they can note anything special about each card. This may be just to describe its condition more accurately, or to showcase a signature, or an alter, or a misprint / miscut, or to show off its fancy 9.5 PSA grading.

However, this feature also comes with some “catches”. Because custom listings are assumed to be unique (I.E., there is no other altered or signed card that is exactly like this one), they are treated as singular objects, and therefore they usually aren’t included when the system aggregates prices. Should an altered copy of Sol Ring that sells for $30 influence the market price of Sol Ring when it’s normally $3? Probably not.

But on the flip side, it still is valuable pricing information in other contexts, so we don’t want to lose that pricing information entirely (like is currently happening).

It’s a tough situation that we’re aware of, but there is not yet a comprehensive solution in place.

Thanks for bringing this up!

Thanks! My goal is to get the same data as the “near mint” filter on the website. So if the “near mint” filter returns both custom and regular listings then I would want an api that returns the same set of listings. Maybe that’s /pricing/sku or maybe that should be something else?