Phone app to seller portal?

(Riley T. Prescott) #1

So since the Quicklist app is locked behind seller Pro (and having a brick and mortar store),
Is there a better way to Import a list of cards to the Seller store using the Phone scanner?

Currently I am Scanning to Excel and emailing myself.
Then dropping that excel in an app I wrote that converts that excel into the seller page import template.

Then I can import.

The scanner is cool and all, but I notice that when scanning a large inventory, some cards are not registering as well as only 1st edition or unlimited. so there is still some manual work that needs to be done.
However it does save time on searching that huge Excel and adding 1 by 1.

I am mainly scanning YuGiOh cards btw.

I’d love to see if you guys have thought of anything, or if people out there have apps that do similar things but better? Trying to ping you guys for Ideas to improve my Quality of life as a seller.