Non english card listing? specifically Pokemon JP


Wondering if the are non english card details are available with the API? speciafically Japanese Pokemon?

I thought that maybe it could have been a category by itself but did not see it here:{{version}}/catalog/categories?limit=100

And its also not under the specific category for Pokemon{{version}}/catalog/categories/3/groups

Am I having a moment and just not seeing it, or is it planned/future roadmap?

Thank you

The catalog endpoints will return data about any cards that we have. We don’t keep foreign language card texts and will have the English text for the same card.

I guess that also means there would be no pricing information on JP cards?

If you get the SKU for the specific foreign language card and then use the endpoint for getting price by SKU:

Then it’ll get the pricing for a foreign language card. If you go through the catalog endpoints to return just the products and then pull prices for products instead of SKU then it will be the one for the English listing.