New to API and would like syntax help with specific calls

(Alexander V Pan) #1

I’ve been reading on what exists in past posts and documentation, but still confused on the syntax for the url to get requests.

My problem: Eventually I want to be able to get magic cards with their various features, market prices, and buy prices.

Currently, I want to just keep things small (obvious reason) and unsure how to call/requests in batches and how to get various pricing and buy with the syntax.

I looked at docs and saw how to use endpoint
but unsure how to apply this to magic and to only get certain sets or amount of cards.

Any help in just getting started, so I can get a hang of the syntax would be helpful.

Thank You!

(Joshua Burdick) #2

Have you had a chance to check out the Postman collection? It is an easy way to get started making requests to the API. Have you been able to authenticate and request data from the API?

(Alexander V Pan) #3

I have not tried out Postman Collection, but I’ll def take a look and hope it gets the gears rolling.

I have been able to do everything from the “getting started” and got catagories in json format.

(Joshua Burdick) #4

It sounds like you are well on your way!

I’d check out the postman collection, and then for a specific endpoint that can be good to get started with:

This is covered more in depth in the “Advanced search” tutorial as well.