Mtg typical API call

Hi community,

I am new to the TCG player API and a bit confused on where to start. I have a bearer token.

Could someone pls describe to me what a typical API query required to make a MTG marketprice call looks like?

From what I can understand we need first to get the product SKU in the catalog?

Thanks a lot!

Hi! Since you have managed to get a bearer token I will assume you’ve already gone through the Getting Started docs. If not; that would be a good start.

From there is all depends on what sort of application you are looking to build. In most cases, we recommend that developers build out a local database and map TCGplayer Product and SKU ids to their own catalog data (although you can certainly pull down out catalog to get you started).

From there, you can use that productId and skuId to start pulling down prices using the /pricing/ endpoints. In your case; if you are looking for the TCGplayer Market Price; you’ll use the following endpoints:

Let us know if you have any additional questions!

Ok I see, thanks Tony!

What will happen when you release v1.7.0 etc… will the v1.6.0 endpoints become redundant?

The endpoint of a version will still exist, so you can communicate with a certain version of the API. It’s recommended to update to a newer version every few versions to make sure you are using a maintained branch.

There are two endpoint paths that will change over time:
/current/ and /previous/. Both of these should NOT be used in any production-like environment, since new releases could have breaking changes.

Ok thanks Arjen, is there a newsletter I can subscribe to to receive the
updates? Thks

thanks for the awesome information.