MTG Search by card number?

Hi, currently using the API in python, and getting a lot of results when I’m only looking for one when using the search. I have a bunch of information on the card I’m looking for, and looking to get TCGPlayer’s ID from this, but could only find the Product Name and Set Name in MTG’s search functions.

Is there a search by card number? That seems like it would cut down on how many duplicate results I get. If not, is there anywhere where I can see all of the fields in the API POST request?

Here’s the information I have about my card:
Urza's Mine,Chronicles,94,Good (Lightly Played),English,$0.00,Uncommon

And the resulting IDs: (Triple dashes are sections left
[218281, 2425, 3454, 218282, 18174, 18172, 71528, 71530, 71529, 11288, 18173, 71531, 12867, 182425, 182427, 182428, 182426]