List Category Groups Limits and Paging

(Peter Creutzberger) #1

I’m using the v1.19.0 List Category Groups API ( to return all Magic: the Gathering sets and I noticed that even with a limit larger than the number of “totalItems” I’m only receiving the most recent 100 sets.If I start using the offset param I can move from the first 100 sets to the next 100, etc. but is there a way around this?

It seems really asinine to offer an int32 limit param, not respect it passed a certain value, and not mention that in the documentation.

(Joshua Burdick) #2

Maximum limits are used for performance reasons. There isn’t a way around this limit and a maximum limit of 100 items returned is fairly standardized across the API.

(Peter Creutzberger) #3

Sure. I worked around it but the fact remains that offering the param and not mentioning the fact that the API will ever return a maximum of 100 entries, regardless of limit, is quite jarring and frustrating. If I missed this in the documentation that’s on me, but it should be called out in the endpoint examples.