Issues with dynamic ad unit utm_medium, fallback link, and possible memory leak

Hi @joshua.burdick, I’m trying to incorporate dyanmic ad units into my website and am running into some issues.

Firstly, I am having trouble changing the utm_medium parameter for links generated by the script.

This is my code:

<script id="tcg-a1"
    src="" async>

And this is what the resulting “Buy Now” links in the carousel have as parameters:


I had assumed the data-medium parameter would correlate, but the utm_medium value always ends up as affiliateAd. I was hoping to differentiate between ad types and positions so that I could track how each performs individually in my earnings reports.

Am I doing it wrong, or can this behavior be updated?

Secondly, when the carousel fails to load, the fallback image is linked straight to without any affiliate parameters added on. Can this be updated to include the affiliate parameters?

Thirdly, I noticed that if have a browser tab open with a dynamic ad unit, and I lose my internet connection, my CPU usage goes way up (my laptop fan kicks on, which it almost never does), seemingly due to the ad unit trying to poll for more content but failing to retrieve any. My uninformed guess would be that there’s a memory leak in this scenario.


For the first part, we set the utm_medium to always be set to affiliateAd. This was so that we could track global conversion and monitor increases to the conversion rates based on any changes or updates that happen with the ad. You could technically hack a solution around it

For the next two parts, I’ve logged an issue to look into it and get it updated. That should definitely not be happening. Thanks for reaching out and letting us know!

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Thanks Josh! Got it regarding the utm_medium for the dynamic ad. What alternatives do I have to differentiate between dynamic ad types and positions on my site? Is changing the data-source a viable option? (I’m new to tweaking these parameters and I’m not sure yet how they’ll appear in the weekly/monthly reports.)

Right now we don’t have a way to differentiate multiple ads on the same page.