How to getting started on a collection/price app?

I am a person who occasionally likes to code as a hobby. I am currently into the game “Argent Saga” and there is no place where I can create a collection of my cards and see the prices for them. I also play MTG so I know just how handy they can be. I was wanting to know where would be a good place for me to find information on how to start working on a program that can let me store my Argent Saga cards and know their prices? I have only taken two classes in college on coding (Intro to C, Intro to visual basic) and I have made a few basic programs in python and JavaScript. Thanks again for the help, it is greatly appreciated!

You could technically use any language that can interact with an API to work with the TCGplayer API to pull Argent Saga prices. You could for example build a basic web page and use JavaScript to make calls to the API. This wouldn’t be a secure thing as your API keys would be exposed but it would work on your local machine. If you need keys, check out