How to get API Access

(Keifer) #1

I applied as an App Developer 10 days ago, but have not heard any response. Does anyone know how long this generally takes? Are there any other ways to get access to the API? If I was rejected for whatever reason I would at least like to know so that I can look elsewhere for pricing data.


(Joshua Burdick) #2

You should have your credentials in e-mail now. Let me know if you don’t receive them.

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(Rory) #3

I’ve had the same problem with my developer request. It was submitted 14 days ago, using the same email as this account. Would you also be able to help?


(Joshua Burdick) #4

Requests are processed in the order that they are received based on project impact level. With the popularity of our API and the increased number of people getting access and making cool new tools, even more people are requesting access than ever before, and we receive a very large volume of new requests.

I strive to keep requests answered in as timely a manner as possible. I know what it’s like to be a developer and want access to some new data because you have a cool idea that you want to complete! If it has been a while and you haven’t heard anything yet then that doesn’t mean your application is lost or forgotten, it just means there are a lot of requests outstanding.

(Rory) #5

Totally fair. Thanks for the response.

(Edward Kwartler) #6

Any idea how long on average it takes? I have been waiting since 11/19 on my email. Was hoping to use it in a lesson plan for next semester. Please let me know if it will get approved, and if not then I can try to find another API for the lesson. Thanks for your attention!