How can I search for a card by name, from a particular language?

(Alcino) #1

I would like to consult the card using the language PT-br.

Is it possible to inform the language as a parameter in the search for the card?

The endpoint used is:{{version}}/catalog/products?
categoryId=1&productTypes=Cards&productName=Legion Loyalist

When I look for the letter with the name in English it works, but the letter is in Portuguese.

The name would be Lealista da Legião.

(Joshua Burdick) #2

In our API, all of the cards are stored with an English name and then the language and foil/non-foil combination is represented by the productConditionId. So to get a specific language of card, you can pull the conditions from the API and then search for the appropriate productConditionId in your search terms.