Having trouble calling List Product SKUs endpoint

(Drake) #1

Hey all,

I’m not able to call the GET http://api.tcgplayer.com/catalog/products/productId/productconditions endpoint. It’s returning a 404 HTML page instead of a .json response.

I can successfully call http://api.tcgplayer.com/catalog/products/4884/productsalsopurchased, but trying the ‘productconditions’ instead of ‘productsalsopurchased’ is bombing out.

Here’s the reference I’m following:

I’m quite new to the API, so please let me know if I’m missing something. Thanks!

(Drake) #2

Ok, I believe I’ve figured it out.

Bad endpoint:

Good endpoint:

(Jenna Latimer) #3

Ya, if you don’t specify a version it defaults to the most current, in which that call doesn’t exist anymore and was renamed to catalog/products/{productId}/skus.

(Jason Schousboe) #4

I ran into the same problem. They published this change in the changelog but it didn’t get updated in the core docs for some reason. I feel like using an old version is probably not the best idea; that “skus” endpoint works fine for me in v1.17.0.

(Gus Landt) #5

I just want to vent that I HATE this change.
I’ve been using this endpoint to get all magic cards one set at a time. It used to return a productConditions array for each card. Now when I get all cards in a set, I have to make individual calls for EVERY SINGLE CARD to get its SKUs…

Is there a way in 1.17 to get all cards in a set, with all of their SKUs, in a single call?