Flesh and Blood Number Search


I am trying to get pricing data from the tcg player API, but doing so for Flesh and Blood TCG (category 62) is quite tedious and in some cases impossible to be sure you’re getting the right data.

This is due to not being able to search for cards and filtering by their Number. For example “CUR150” would produce card information for the 150th card in Crucible of War.

Currently due to cards being printed in multiple sets with foil and non-foil prints it’s impossible to actually search for the price of a specific painting of a card.

Another example is Fyendal’s Spring Tunic. Searching the name returns 4 product ids. But there are actually 6 unique printings of the card. 2 promo versions (one full art, one gold border), 2 WTR versions (foil and non-foil), and 2 CUR versions (foil and non-foil). When the API returns 4 with no card print-type (foil, full art, gold, normal) it makes it impossible to determine which 4 map to which 4 of the 6 that exist.

Would it be possible to include the “Number” (being the unique identifier for the card in a given set) and the print-type (foil, full art, gold, normal, etc.) within the search manifest for Flesh and Blood cards?

If not, are there any pointers on achieving a simple mapping for the examples I’ve included?