Explanation on multiple SKUs

Hi, Can anybody explain me why there are multiple SKUs for cards?

Thanks in advance.

Each SKU is a different condition/language. So a single product could have 20+ SKUs, such as Near Mint German, or Light Play French.

Thanks @guslandt. Btw, isn’t there any thing marked as ‘brand new’? I am not sure whether I have correctly understood the concepts here

‘brand new’ as in condition? You can find all of the valid conditions for a given category using the category condition endpoint (e.g., /v1.19.0/catalog/categories/1/conditions to get all valid Magic the Gathering conditions ).
The best condition for single cards is ‘Near Mint’. For sealed product your option is ‘Unopened’.

Thanks @guslandt. This really helps.

Hi @guslandt I’d like to have a couple more clarifications.

  1. I’ve noted that there can be multiple sellers who sells cards that are in same condition. For example ‘Near Mint’. In the API ‘Near Mint’ is give a a particular SKU. So when there are multiple sellers who are selling ‘Near Mint’ cards does the same SKU applies to all of those cards by different sellers?

  2. How does median price for normal and foil cards goes along with these different conditions?

Appreciate some feedback. Thanks

  1. Yes, the same SKU is used by all sellers. A SKU just defines a specific product in a specific language and condition. So a Near Mint English M10 Lightning Bolt has a SKU of 310749. A Light Play English M10 Lightning Bolt has a SKU of 378739.

  2. Sadly Median Price ignores condition and language. It’s simply the median price for a specific card from a specific set. The median price of a non-foil M10 Lightning Bolt is $2.81. Doesn’t matter what language or condition.
    The main reason we aren’t going to get Median Price by SKU is simply lack of data. There aren’t ANY Moderately Played Chinese M10 Lightning Bolts for sale on TCGPlayer. Heck, there are only 7 non-english M10 lightning bolts total.

I hope that helps!

@guslandt Great. Thanks mate. This will definitely help me to fine tune my development.

I should also have specified that Foil is included in the SKU. So my M10 Lightning Bolt SKUs above were for non-foil. The Near Mint Foil M10 Lightning Bolt SKU is 311217.

SKU = Language + Condition + Foil/Non-Foil

@guslandt Got it. Thanks again.