Discourse integration with TCGPlayer


It’s awesome that TCGPlayer is also using Discourse for their community. I was wondering as more partners and affiliations grow, would it be in the best interest for TCGPlayer to have a plugin for card tooltips that uses TCGPlayer’s api?

For example, if someone posts a “card name” here on TCGPlayer, it would auto link (linkify) it to a product page on TCGPlayer using the api. Upon hovering it, it would show an image of the card.

I am going to try to develop this if nobody on TCGPlayer’s team wants to. Currently, I’m doing a request that simply shows all the product pages given a card name rather than a single product link:


If a plugin like this is already being planned, I would love to help test or be involved. I also have my own Discourse community and server for Yu-Gi-Oh with over 50k users. If TCGPlayer would also like to help fund this Discourse plugin, I can arrange for something with a Discourse developer. We already have some preliminary working code. My plugin would be specifically for Yu-Gi-Oh cards, but this could be extended to other card games.