Developer request approval time?

(Dat Le) #1

Hi there,

I sent a request a few weeks ago to join the developer program. I filled out the form here, but haven’t received a reply:

How long does it usually take for requests to be answered? I’m excited that TCGPlayer is opening API to the community but discouraged right now by the long response time.

(Tony) #2

Could you provide the name of your App? I have issues keys to all approved apps and we are waiting on our support team to send out the welcome emails.

(Dat Le) #3

Hi Tony, the app hasn’t been released on the App Store yet, but in my inquiry I made the request with the app name Sleeve.

(Dat Le) #4

Hey Tony, any update on the keys?


(Tony) #5

Your app request hasn’t been approved … so let me see what the hold-up is there. As a member of our legacy API program you should’ve been automatically approved.

(Dat Le) #6

Hi tony, any updates on the request?

(Joshua Burdick) #7

It looks like your request was pending and I’ve now approved it. Once we generate the next set of API keys I’ll send you a follow up email that contains more information about how to proceed and get setup on the new API. We’ve been a little backed up on requests for a while now and I’m just now catching up on everything. Expect that follow up email to come later this week.