Chat bot for TCG!

Hi all, Mau here from Manila, Philippines! I would like to share my chat bot in Facebook messenger(beta phase) that can fetch up price(mid and in PHP currency) of a card by chatting its complete name.

Right now its still on development, I have lots of plan on how to improve the bot in the future. But right now I’m just happy that its functioning and it makes me excited to share it here. You can check the chat bot here. Merlin.

Would love to hear your feedback and suggestions.



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` I took the chance and clicked the link LOL. I typed in Charizard when it asked me and it said no such card existed.

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Oh my god, i forgot to mention this chatbot is for Magic The Gathering only. I apologize, as i was under the impression that TCG is mainly for MTG as i play MTG. Sorry Bill. :stuck_out_tongue: try it again please, my bad.

Gotcha… okay, thanks! I don’t do MTG, i’m not that smart - LOL. Just a father who loves playing Pokemon with his son :). I’d use it a lot if it allowed for Pokemon :slight_smile: