Changes in Expected Response

(Gavin) #1

I’m no longer getting productConditions when sending a request to /catalog/products, also productName is now name and I noticed other changes, too.

Are there changes being made to the API?

(Ben Triola) #2

Yes, I’m noticing this too, completely different response formatting. Would like to hear from a dev if this is a permanent change and I should update my software for if this is a temporary issue.

(Dave) #3

I ran into the same thing. Hoping productConditions can come back, or another query that returns an aggregation of productConditions is made available.


(Jonathan) #4

Literally just noticed this too.

Also, here’s a new endpoint on the API docs.

@joshua.burdick can you provide some info please?

(Jenna Latimer) #5

So I’ve been doing some messing around with the API and have found what I think is the new location for that data.

The endpoint catalog/products/{productId}/productConditions has now become catalog/products/{productId}/skus

This returns a list of skuids with other ids pointing to languages, printings, and conditions.

Those three things are returned by querying the catagories for catalog/categories/{x}, x being what you’re looking for.

Hope this helps

(Joshua Burdick) #6

I’m working on updating the documentation, but its also possible to access the previous version of the API by prefixing requests with v1.14.0. For example it would be v1.14.0/catalog/products.