Catalog Product Search: Sealed Product vs Singles

I’m doing a category search for all products using this url:

Is there a way to specify Sealed Product vs. Card Singles?

And/Or what about in the product details after I have a productId, Aside from checking the name for “booster Box” is there anything that indicates the type of product?


It doesn’t look like it.

If you hit the search/manifest endpoint for that category ID,, it lists out the available values for sorting and filtering your results.

Ahh, thats how the search manifest works. I didn’t quite get that before, thanks!

Do you know if the filters use OR or AND operation? For example, if I want to look for product ID’s that are like ‘Charizard’ or 'Pikachu, would this work?

&filters=[{ “name”: “ProductName”, “values”: [ “Pokemon”,“Charizard”]}]

I applied the logic with C# and nothing came back, I’m thinking it might be looking for cards that have “Charizard” And “Pikachu” in the name…

new SearchObject_ProductFilter { name=“ProductName”, values=new string[]{“Charizard”, “Pikachu” } }